Kintsugi (source: My Modern Met)

I’m really trying not to lecture other astrologers on what they should or shouldn’t do with their time. Sometimes, however, I can’t help myself. I’m a Capricorn with a Cancer moon. I’m your stern, distant father and the mother that pushes you out of the nest all rolled into one.

Anyway, I’m really tired of reading the same old shit from astrologers who look at every planetary event as an opportunity for “healing.” Are we all so broken that we can only dream that maybe one day we will be repaired?

I don’t think so. Sometimes we actually fix ourselves when we break. We might still have a few scars, like the pottery in the photo I posted above, but those scars don’t really alter our purpose. We are able to go on without dwelling upon the damage we have suffered.

This approach to astrology (or any discipline that deals in self-help) promotes self-victimization and the notion that we are never good enough. You know what? I am good enough to understand that I wasn’t beyond repair in the first place. Every little fix I’ve had to make in my life has allowed me to evolve rather than to recreate the pristine object I was when I came out of the womb.

Maybe we can talk about “evolution” instead of “healing” when we approach these subjects in the future. Let’s stop perpetuating the idea that the sole purpose of time is to break us. People look to us for guidance, so let’s guide them instead of facilitating their neuroses and making them into undeserving martyrs.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming . . .

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