Moschino (source: Vogue)

Here’s a photo from the Moschino show that walked the runway a couple of days ago. It reminds me that I need to go to the currency exchange to get some American money for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

Curiously, money is on my mind today. I looked back on my blog to see what I was writing about this time last year, and both money and career (or lack thereof) were on my mind, too. I had a look at my chart to see what would be bringing on this sort of panic, and I found nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Usually I can find something in the stars that explains my current mood. This time, I’m at a loss to make sense of how I’m feeling. In last year’s post about the same topic, I even mentioned that I was going to get off the computer and do some yoga to get my mind off of my financial situation. That’s all I’ve been able to think about this morning. Yoga can be a temporary cure to what ails me.

Of course, the position of the transiting sun would be the first place to look for a recurrent planetary aspect that could be causing me to panic. But there’s nothing around 4° or 5° in my horoscope to form a bad aspect with the sun. My Cancer moon is at 3°25″, but the transiting sun forming a trine with the natal moon is a positive position. No interpretation of that aspect explains how I’m feeling today or how I was feeling on this exact same weekend last year.

On the positive side, last year on the corresponding Saturday, I did something life-changing. My Facebook memories page also revealed something major happened on the corresponding Saturday in 2014. I’m not going to get into personal details, but big decisions that are ultimately productive for me arise from whatever is going on in my chart. I’m looking for solutions to my problems and actually finding them. And yet I’m at a loss to explain why they’re happening or why they’re recurring.

So, I’m just going to take my panic in stride and hope that it compels me to find a way to make some money in the upcoming year — the kind of money that will have me in head-to-toe Moschino. I welcome the opportunity to have something else to worry about.

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