Mitch McConnell (source: Time)

February 20 is Mitch McConnell’s birthday.

I didn’t know much about Mitch McConnell until just a moment ago when I punched up his chart. Astrotheme doesn’t have a time of birth for the politician, but the website does list his birthplace as Sheffield, Alabama, which reveals that his parents were probably first cousins and/or jackals.

I’m kidding, of course! I know a Pisces guy from Alabama who is neither inbred nor evil. So, what makes Mitch McConnell the spawn of Satan and Trump’s handmaiden?

It’s difficult to determine without putting the planets into the houses. His natal moon is likely in Taurus, but there is a chance that he has an Aries moon if he was born in the first few hours of the day.

He does have close conjunction of Mars and Saturn (less than a degree apart) in Taurus. His Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini. I share the same Jupiter placement, but mine is in a spectacular opposition/mutual reception aspect with Mercury in Sagittarius, with both planets inhabiting the houses over which they rule.

I know that the Mars/Saturn aspect is what would catch the eye of most astrologers, but my attention immediately went to the second. Jupiter in Gemini is common: about one in every twelve people will possess the same Jupiter position. But in a chart where it is highlighted (something that I can’t actually determine without a birth time), it can be trouble. McConnell is a Pisces, so Jupiter does take on added significance. I’m just not sure how significant it is.

I know that it’s almost exactly trine Mercury in Aquarius. That should be a supportive aspect, but in my experience, Jupiter in Gemini natives often look for the easy way out. I see it in the charts of people who launch schemes in order to benefit themselves. I can’t remember where I read it, but one of the books that taught me the finer points of astrology made a connection between Jupiter in Gemini and crime. It specifically mentioned the Mercury/Jupiter opposition as the mark of the con man —that’s why it stuck in my mind. Yet I have that aspect and I’m a zillion times more upstanding/less evil than Mitch McConnell.

Again, the mutual reception configuration changes the interpretation of the aspect in my chart. And without a birth time, I can’t figure out how the Mercury/Jupiter trine is operating in Mitch McConnell’s chart. I guess that it has provided him with the ability to say the right thing when necessary because he has taken his silver tongue almost as far as it can go in his chosen career: there are only a few people in the American government with more seniority than the Senate Majority Leader.

Still, I look at him and I just see another liar who would kick your grandma in the crotch if it meant that she would drop the dollar she was holding. Even astrologers don’t need astrology to see what is right in front of their eyes.

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