Omarosa (source: CNN)

February 15 is Omarosa’s birthday.

I don’t know what to think of Omarosa. One minute I kind of like her, and the next minute I think that she was sent to us from hell. As far as reality TV show villains are concerned, she’s the best of the best. As far as real-life villains are concerned, she was a handmaiden to the devil himself (I make no apologies for believing that Donald Trump is Satan incarnate).

So, I was sort of skeptical of her “redemption tour,” which took place last year around this time. But her appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother” did reveal a little more self-awareness than I expected from the former White House staffer.

Curiously, redemption is a hallmark of Omarosa’s natal chart. She has Pluto conjunct her Libra ascendant from the twelfth house with a 17″ orb, paired with Mars in the eighth house. The Plutonian/Scorpionic concept of “rising from the ashes” is definitely indicated in her horoscope. Unfortunately, so is self-immolation. She puts herself in situations where her flame-outs are front and center for the rest of us to see. Her Aquarius sun is strengthened by its fifth-house placement where it is joined by Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury in self-martyring Pisces. What’s more, her moon is in self-aggrandizing Leo, although weakly-placed in the tenth house. I get the idea that many of her emotional outbursts are more for show than for anything else.

It’s a fascinating chart. It will be interesting to see exactly what becomes of Omarosa over the next few years as she experiences some major transits through her fifth house. I suspect that she’s going to find a way to rise from the ashes once again.

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