Koi Fish (source: ABC News)

Mercury moved into Pisces this morning where it will remain until April 17. It makes it all the way to the final degree of the sign before it begins its retrograde cycle, backing up to the middle of the sign before it goes direct in late March. It’s a fairly odd circumstance. Mercury typically spends about three weeks in a sign. This trip through Pisces is going to last for ten weeks.

So, what does that mean? For a while, things are going to get a little blurry. The photo above provides a terrific example of what I mean. Check out the way the koi seem to blur into the water. It’s difficult to determine where the fishes end and the water begins.

Confusion can be a big problem during a Mercury retrograde, especially when the planet stations. I believe that state of affairs will be acerbated during this cycle because mental confusion and the sign of Pisces go together like ADHD and Adderall. On the bright side, imagination and creativity are highlighted. People are more sensitive to their feelings while Mercury transits Pisces, and more likely to express those feelings through artistic endeavors.

The big problem for a lot of people during this transit will reveal itself as a desire to escape. Without a vacation planned, or some other respite from the cloudy cosmic weather, escape may be sought through a bottle of wine or a whole box of edibles. I recommend whatever works for you, but beware of overdoing it for the next couple of months. Today’s vacation into the dark recesses of your own mind can be the reason for tomorrow’s trip to an addictions counselor, especially in late March when Mercury’s station occurs within a degree of Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune.

While it might feel good to get a little blurry every now and then, this isn’t the time to go too deep. Let those fishes explore those uncharted depths. The rest of us need to keep our feet on the ground.

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    Mercury moved into Pisces yesterday. While this post I wrote a while ago discusses a lengthy stay in the sign for the swift-moving planet, the last line of the passage still rings true.


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