Kelly LeBrock (source: Auntie Fashion)

Venus moves into Capricorn this afternoon where it will remain until March 1.

I’ve been working out like crazy for a while. Last year around this time I was trying to lose a few pounds that I put on while being unemployed, and I bulked up because I was lifting weights too often. I was also doing a lot of yoga, and now I’m doing yoga even more frequently. However, I have not realized my goal of becoming a lot leaner.

The problem is that I can eat all day long. If I wasn’t a fitness trainer, I’d weigh a thousand pounds. My diet has been better lately, but I’m still eating too much too lose any weight.

Hopefully, that will change over the next few weeks while Venus is in my sign. While Venus was in Sagittarius (my solar twelfth house), decadent food was my crutch to deal with the winter blues. Now that it is moving into Capricorn (my solar first house), my innate vanity should kick into overdrive — at least that’s how it has worked for me in the past.

I don’t believe that Venus transits work the same way for everyone. A Taurus native, for instance, probably can’t stop eating when Venus transits their sign. I imagine that it exaggerates their already-decadent nature. For a Libra native, it’s probably manifested more-superficially like it is with Capricorn when diet is considered, only with a lower chance of success because of Libra’s connection with the planet.

Anyway, with a new moon occurring in my fourth house tomorrow (just a couple of degrees away from my natal Venus), I’m going to focus on my home-based yoga practice and regaining control of my diet. Venus in Capricorn should make me vain enough to get on the right track before I go to Las Vegas in four weeks and destroy every bit of progress that I’ve made.

So, if you see me at the gym this February, don’t hate me because I’m more beautiful than usual. I know it’s going to be tough, but I have faith in you . . .

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