Pig (source: BBC)

The year of the pig arrives this afternoon. I published a post about the upcoming Chinese New Year a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been looking deeper into my Chinese horoscope, and I’m sort of at a loss of what to do next.

The problem is that I have a more than passable understanding of the subject, but I don’t know where to turn when I have a question that can’t be answered. For instance, I understand how a lucky element is derived from a birth chart. I’ve always believed that my lucky element is fire. However, I found a more accurate way of calculating the lucky element using five criteria instead of four: the year, the month, the day, the hour and the minute of birth. When the minute becomes a part of the equation, my lucky element becomes metal.

I sort of had a feeling that fire wasn’t my lucky element because my Chinese horoscopes using that system were never accurate. I also used to have a commission sales job where the metal days almost always seemed to be more lucrative for me than the fire days. Gambling luck usually came on earth days. That wasn’t how things were supposed to work out.

I’ve been trying to look around to find a website or a book that could clear up a few things for me, but Chinese astrology is lot like Western astrology: different interpretations and different traditions make it difficult to find a single source that doesn’t just add to my confusion.

So, I’m going to keep looking. One thing that my Chinese horoscope for the year of the pig advises me to do is to study. It also tells me that I can increase my mental physical power by adopting a better diet. That’s exactly what I resolved to do yesterday on this blog when I was anticipating the ingress of Venus into Capricorn and the upcoming new moon.

Or maybe I should just start eating pork again. So many choices . . .

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