Meghan Collison (source: models.com)

February 3 is Meghan Collison’s birthday.

Meghan is my favorite model. I guess that I’m the kind of guy who roots for the home team, but I don’t just like her because she’s from Edmonton. I like her because she is the coolest girl in fashion.

I looked up her chart. Without a time of birth, I can ascertain that she has an Aquarius sun and a Leo moon. The full moon occurred in the early afternoon a day before she was born. Neither the sun or the moon are in strong sign placements, The dynamic formed between them during a full moon is profound, especially when the orb between the two is tight, but that is not the case in this instance.

Mercury is also in Aquarius in her chart. It was retrograde, however, and it formed a fairly close sextile with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius that she shares with many kids of her generation. I’d love to understand how those planets work in her chart, but I’m at a loss because I can’t place them in the houses.

It’s an interesting chart, but not the chart that I would expect Meghan Collison to have. I would love to know her time of birth. I follow both her and her cat on Instagram, and her cat follows me. I could probably reach out to her, but that would seem sort of creepy and I don’t want to scare her away. A couple of decades ago, I could have reached out to the guy who discovered her — we had a lot of mutual friends — but he probably wouldn’t remember me now.

So I guess that I’m out of luck. That’s too bad! This is one of those charts that I would really like to study because it doesn’t really explain much about the person to whom it belongs. Maybe one day when Meghan is home to visit her parents, I’ll run into her at the big mall and find out what time she was born. Until then, she’ll be a mystery to me.

Edited to add: This post originally listed Meghan’s birthday as February 2. On February 3, Meghan announced that it was her birthday on her personal Instagram page. The chart interpretation above has been very slightly modified to correct the date of birth.

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