Garden Path (source: Sunset)

Jupiter forms a square with Neptune today. There aren’t a lot of major outer-planet aspects occurring in 2019, so this one stands out. It happens three times, too, because of Jupiter’s retrograde phase, reforming in both June and September.

For a lot of people, this year will be one where you are led down the proverbial garden path. Many of you are already on your way. I shake my head any time I read that Donald Trump still has about a third of Americans supporting him at any given moment. I thought that Evangelical Christians read the Bible. Even I know the story of the golden calf, and I’m not churchy at all. It makes me hope that the garden path those Trump cultists are currently wandering down is full of toxic and/or carnivorous plants. The desert garden path in the photo I posted above would also work for me. It looks like a great place for rattlesnakes to take up residence.

I know that I sound like the venomous one when I wish for bad things to happen to bad people, but as I’ve been saying for a couple of years now, that’s where we are astrologically. The next major aspect between outer planets is the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that should see Karma giving many of you exactly what you deserve. Are you listening America?

Probably not. You never do . . .

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