Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos (source: Forbes)

January 12 is Jeff Bezos’ birthday.

Jeff Bezos was in the news this week because he announced that he is getting a divorce from his wife of twenty-five years.

I can’t say that it’s much of a surprise now that I’m looking at his chart. He’s got Pluto, the planet of transformation, half-a-degree away from his natal sun at the moment, and Saturn in the tenth house less than a degree away from his midheaven. Not only that, his wife is an Aries: the most horrible sign of all. I’m kidding, sort of . . .

Anyway, the foundation he has built is undergoing a few changes — that’s what these aspects tell us. To be honest, I don’t believe that he’s terribly worried about it. He’s got more money than anyone else in the world and sharing it with an ex-wife and four kids probably doesn’t bother him. In his chart I see someone who is driven by being the best at what he does rather than by greed.

What I do notice, however, is that next year’s meeting of Jupiter and Saturn near the last degree of Capricorn is going to happen right on top of Bezos’ natal Mars, also in his tenth house.

I wish I knew what to say about that. I’d like to make a prediction about what will happen, but I think I need to mull over the possibilities before I put anything out into the universe. Rather than visiting the event in retrospect, I want to put my reputation on the line by actually forecasting something.

Gimme a little time. I’ll get to it sooner or later.

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