Faye Dunaway (source: IMDB)

January 14 is Faye Dunaway’s birthday.

I like Faye Dunaway. When I was a kid, a couple of her movies were starting to show up on television just before the time when home video became a thing. So, when I saw “Network” and “Eyes of Laura Mars,” they were promoted as television events — the sort of thing I would stay up late to watch when I was finally old enough to be allowed to stay up late.

I always liked strong female leads in film — the ones they called “broads” back in the day — but Dunaway was sort of different than the women who came before her. Something about the actress in those two roles resonated with me because she seemed to defy gender stereotypes by simply occupying characters who didn’t give a shit about gender stereotypes.

It was kind of revolutionary at the time, and it stuck with me because it wasn’t long afterward that I was hanging out with people who felt the same way. To this day, discussions of gender make my eyes glaze over because I never really gave a shit about what roles people wanted to embrace. It’s not my business to tell other people how to express their identity. I might advise you to use astrology to better understand your sense of self-expression, but I really don’t tell you or anyone that you need to look or act a certain way. I don’t want anyone telling me that, so why would I do it to anyone else?

Anyway, Faye Dunaway has both the sun and Mercury in Capricorn. As I’m exploring new topics for my next book, this combination of planets is becoming very revealing to me. A friend of mine in the major leagues of the fashion business has the same combo and she doesn’t give a shit about gender roles either, unless someone is telling someone else how they should behave. That really gets her goat.

This double Capricorn configuration is a bossy one, but it’s also quite empowering to the women who possess it. Now that I’ve started to look into it, many of the “broads” I admire seem to share it, too. Strangely, it doesn’t endow the men with such an open-minded outlook regarding the expression of gender.

I’m going to need to explore this further . . .

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