Shereé Whitfield (source: Essence)

January 2 is Shereé Whitfield’s birthday.

I haven’t been keeping up with Shereé Whitfield since she left the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” over a salary dispute, so you can imagine my delight when I Googled her name and discovered that She by Shereé is back in business!

My favorite fashion line that puts on fashion shows without the fashions was reportedly back in business in October. Unfortunately, all I can find when I Google the brand is a T-shirt that Nordstrom sold. Maybe it’s just so exclusive that it’s barely even available online, like Chanel.

Anyway, I’ve written about Shereé a few times in the past. She’s on my “Real Housewives Dream Team” because she represents practically everything good and bad about the sign of Capricorn. She’s a living cliché of status-consciousness and condescension. She’s probably going to read this and say “Who gon check me boo?” I’m going to check you, Shereé. Nene Leakes is gon check you. Andy Cohen gon check you. We all gon check you!

Despite her ridiculousness, I do find RHOA to be lacking something without her presence. Maybe she’ll be back one day. Capricorns are the comeback kids of the zodiac, after all . . .

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