Alexis Mabile (source: Culturebox)

November 30 is the birthday of both Alexis Mabile and Alexandre Vaulthier.

Just a moment ago, I was sitting here thinking that I was going to post something about that feeling of deja vu that we all should be feeling this weekend as Mercury makes a brief retrograde dip back into Scorpio and Venus moves into Scorpio from Libra where it has spent much of its retrograde phase. Just to be sure that I wasn’t being redundant, I had a look at what I posted on this day last year and the year before that. Strangely enough, 2016’s post was a two-for-one, too. I published a brief profile of Kaley Cuoco and Chrissy Teigen sharing a birthday.

When I re-read that post to see what I had to say about the pair, I realized that I really glossed-over the subject. Curiously, as I decided to blog about the pair of couture fashion designers in the headline, I had resolved to gloss over that topic so that I could make an excuse to get up and do something else. Not only am I feeling deja vu in a rather literal sense by wanting to discuss a pair of individuals today, but I’m also feeling deja vu by not really wanting to sit at this computer for another minute.

In the past, I’ve mentioned that one of the greatest rewards I get from blogging is that I see the cycles in my life repeating in a manner that I may not have acknowledged before. This is why successful people tell you that it’s important to keep a journal to not only organize your thoughts, but also to revisit them. I used to believe that they were full of shit. I guess that I don’t believe that anymore.

Maybe I’ll get around to discussing today’s birthday boys sometime in the future, but first I’m going to go do some yoga and then get out into the world. There’s something about this day that makes me want get off my ass and move around. I should really try to study that in my own chart, too.

Perhaps I’ll do that later . . .

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