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I didn’t get around to writing a blog post yesterday. In fact, I didn’t get around to doing much yesterday. Because of the Remembrance Day holiday in Canada, I took the day off from the gym. I had grand plans about what I was going to accomplish during this break in my routine. Unfortunately, I didn’t accomplish anything — unless you consider shaving in the bathtub an accomplishment.

It was a weird day. I could barely elicit enough enthusiasm to change the channel while I sat on the couch from sunrise to sundown. The strange thing, however, is how I don’t even feel guilty about it.

When I do teach my classes at the gym, I’m constantly encouraging my participants to learn to appreciate the value of a conscious “reset.” In my cardio classes, for instance, I encourage them to keep working at a pace that is considered to be comfortable during the warm-up. However, maintaining that pace during a cardio recovery phase can be difficult for a lot of people. It’s something that has to be learned. I call it “breathing management,” but it’s really a conscious “reset” that allows you to distinguish between your physical response to vigorous exercise and your mental state during that exercise. It’s not always easy to do two things at once.

Maybe that’s what yesterday was about. I’ve been blogging about the current changes in the cosmic weather and how they’re going to affect all of us. When I published my 2018 horoscopes, I essentially divided the year into two parts: everything before last week and everything after last week.

I feel as if my body was commanding me to “reset” yesterday. It wasn’t just weird that I needed to reset, but it was also weird that I submitted to it so easily. For that reason, I had a look at my chart and discovered that my natal sun conjuncts Neptune tomorrow. There could be something there. After all, I did have a tremendously restful sleep even after I spent the day doing absolutely nothing.

But Neptune also is the planet of escapism. Maybe I just needed to float off into the Neptunian abyss for a while — I suppose that we all do. Now I feel as if I’m ready to move into this second part of the year. Returning to “the same old dumb routine” of the Pina Colada song seems less like a routine challenge and more like an opportunity for me to learn how to do two things at once, like what I teach my participants in my cardio classes. That’s basically how I wrote my last two books: constantly thinking of what I was going to put down on the page while I was off doing something else altogether.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next couple of months. Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    I spent the day attempting to “reset” yesterday. I managed to clean my house, but otherwise it was a pretty lazy day — much like the one I detailed in this post from four years ago.


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