Jim Morrison (source: Useless Daily)

I’ve been bragging/complaining about how content I’ve been for a while. With Mars stuck in my fourth house since the first day of May, my ambition has been at an all-time low. Still, I’ve been perfectly happy to admit that having nothing urgent to do has been a godsend. I feel good. Sometimes that’s all that matters.

Nevertheless, I’ve been waiting for the universe to light a fire under my ass so that I can start writing again. On this blog, I’ve mentioned that I’ve had some terrific ideas about new projects, but I just can’t get seem to get anything going.

Well, Mars finally moves into my fifth house on Wednesday next week. With all the other changes that have recently occurred in the sky, this will likely be exactly what I need to ignite my creativity.

Let’s hope so! I don’t know how much more of my own contentedness I can take.

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