Protest (source: Global News)

Jupiter entered Sagittarius this morning where it will remain until December 2019.

With the ingress of the gassy giant into its own sign, four planets are all in their respective rulers at the moment. Along with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus has recently backtracked into Libra, Saturn is in Capricorn and Neptune is in Pisces.

Although this Venus transit will be brief, the other three heavenly bodies will be working their magic in their own signs for quite some time. So, what does that mean for all of you?

When a planet transits its own sign, the energy of that planet does what it is supposed to do. Venus in Libra makes us yearn for harmony and just outcomes. Saturn in Capricorn makes us understand that if we take two steps forward, occasionally falling back a step won’t seem like the end of the world. Neptune in Pisces makes us believe in the validity of our imaginative power. Collectively, it allows us to envision a better future.

That all sounds delightful! However, with Jupiter emboldened in its current position, I do not believe that we are in for thirteen months of sunshine and lollipops.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will light a fire under the lazy asses of many people who have been nothing more but bystanders in the current cosmic climate. It’s an idealistic position. The left/right divide in politics will grow as people attempt to shout over the voices of others in order to be heard. Eventually, the unbridled centaur that symbolizes the sign evolves into a much more enlightened character, but that doesn’t happen overnight. Expect plenty of chaos before order is restored.

On the bright side, Jupiter’s exit from Scorpio does not mean that the Karmic quality that has characterized 2018 is going anywhere soon. Events going on behind the scenes will continue to shape our future. Both Saturn and Pluto are still in Capricorn where a slow and steady correction to the order of things will culminate in 2020. People will be paying a price for bad behavior for quite some time. Count on it. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take to the streets, but it does mean that you don’t need to start the world on fire to make your opinion known in the upcoming year.

Reign it in. Sure, protest can be effective, but so can the process. Now is the time to trust in both.

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