Hank Scorpio (source: What Culture)

The new moon in Scorpio arrived just a little while ago. It’s a good one for me, I suppose, because it’s almost exactly sextile my Capricorn sun from the second house. I like second-house transits. I’m comfortable with second house transits. They seem to pacify me and make me appreciate the things I truly value instead of the things that I sometimes convince myself I should value.

I woke up in a good mood today. The US election last night produced the results I predicted it would produce. Karma is coming to pay a visit to those individuals who have been abusing their positions of power. The supervillains are about to get what’s coming to them and I couldn’t be more excited to watch them crash and burn.

But more than that, I feel good because my body feels good. About a year ago, I joined an online yoga site. That has changed my life. For a guy who has been a fitness trainer for three decades, my physical health has always played a role in my state of well-being. But only in the last year have I really felt as if I’ve actually made the connection between mind, body and spirit rather than just paying lip service to the concept.

So, I’m going to use this new moon to resolve to continue along this path that has provided me with this renewed sense of contentment. The second house relates to possessions, and the only thing in this world that I actually own is my physical self. I’m going to continue to take care of it because when I do that I feel as if everything else is within my grasp. It is what empowers me. A year ago, I may have considered that to be a more “first-house” concept, but I’ve learned a lot since Jupiter moved into Scorpio.

More about that tomorrow when I discuss Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius . . .

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