People Magazine (source: Today)

In thirty-three years of compiling a list of the world’s sexiest men, “People” magazine has never named an Aries native “The Sexiest Man Alive.”

That tradition continues to this day. Idris Elba, a Virgo, has earned the title for 2018. All his hard work has finally paid off!

Of course, that’s not all that surprising to me. I’ve been keeping these stats for a few years now. As an astrologer, I also know that most Aries natives (both men and women) are decidedly un-sexy. I mean look at them. LOOK AT THEM!

Anyway, here’s an updated list of all the previous titleholders. As a Capricorn man who is both sexy and alive, I would also like to note how well the earth signs are doing.

Aries: NONE.

Taurus: George Clooney (2 times); Pierce Brosnan; Channing Tatum; David Beckham; Dwayne Johnson.

Gemini: Johnny Depp (2 times); Blake Shelton.

Cancer: Tom Cruise; Harrison Ford.

Leo: Patrick Swayze; Ben Affleck; Chris Hemsworth.

Virgo: Mark Harmon; Sean Connery; Richard Gere (2 times); Idris Elba.

Libra: Matt Damon; Hugh Jackman.

Scorpio: Harry Hamlin; Matthew McConaughey: Ryan Reynolds.

Sagittarius: John F. Kennedy Jr.; Brad Pitt (2 times).

Capricorn: Mel Gibson; Denzel Washington; Jude Law; Bradley Cooper.

Aquarius: Nick Nolte.

Pisces: Adam Levine.

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