Ashley Graham (source: The Independent)

October 30 is Ashley Graham’s birthday.

Ashley Graham not only has the sun in Scorpio, but also Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Her natal Mars is next door in Libra, in mutual reception to Venus in Scorpio.

With her natal moon in Aquarius, I wouldn’t look at this chart and believe that it belonged to someone who was overtly sexy. Scorpio may be connected to sexuality through its association with the eighth house, but it can also be an intensely private sign. The moon in Aquarius often contributes to a character who is a little more reserved when it comes to fashion, too. It creates a somewhat distant persona: one who doesn’t invite that sort of attention. Capricorn native Diane Keaton is a stylish example of someone with the moon in Aquarius combined with one of the “harder” sun signs.

Without a time of birth, however, I’m flying by the seat of my pants when I interpret Graham’s chart. Looking at it on, though, with Aries as the default rising sign, the whole chart makes sense. An Aries rising puts Jupiter in the first house and adds another dimension to the Venus/Mars dynamic by placing each planet in the other planet’s ruling house. That layout would create a character who is not only aware of her power of sexual attraction, but also someone who could use it to market herself to both men and women alike. There’s something entrepreneurial about Ashley Graham. Very few models are as popular with both sexes for the reasons that Ashley Graham is popular. She has cheesecake appeal and genuine street cred amongst the fashion crowd.

I’d love to discover that I’m right. If anyone ever stumbles across an accurate time of birth for Ashley Graham, please let me know.

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