Turtle & Warthog (source: National Geographic)

Here’s a photo of a turtle helping out a warthog by eating the bugs off his hide. I suppose that you’re wondering what that has to do with astrology?

Well, not much! I was looking for a photo of a turtle sticking it’s head out of the mud and I came across this remarkable article on the National Geographic website. I had to share it because it’s so amazing. If turtles and warthogs can get along, then why am I having such a difficult time getting along with Trump supporters?

That’s not really true! I’m just pulling back into my shell and sinking down into the mud any time I feel as if confronting the innate ugliness of the radicalized Alt-Right and their pig President might put me in danger. You never know what’s going on in the minds of those people. It is as if we are a different species.

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned that this is a good time to get to know yourself a little better by diving deep into your own psychic muck and trying to figure out what lies beneath. That all starts with today’s conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. What I didn’t realize is that both planets form trines with Chiron this week, as well: Mercury this evening and Jupiter on Thursday.

What I advised yesterday becomes doubly important over the next few days. Look deeper into yourself. Pay attention to your dreams. Ask a perceptive friend to give you his or her two cents on your current psychological state. Visit an astrologer. When you consider that Venus is also about to make its retrograde opposition with Uranus on Wednesday, the stars are virtually commanding you to come out of your shell in order to experience an unexpected revelation —  a revelation even more profound than what I just discovered a moment ago when I learned that turtles and warthogs can be friends.

I know, right?

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