Sailor Mercury & Sailor Jupiter (source: Deviant Art)

Mercury forms a conjunction with Jupiter tomorrow at 27°49″ Scorpio. It’s a good day to get to know yourself a little better.

I know nothing about the “Sailor Moon” animated series, so I’m not sure what’s going on in the illustration I posted above, but maybe Sailor Mercury is getting to know herself a little better by acting upon her impulses. Sure, that might be an appropriate plan of action for some of you during this short-lived event. For many others, however, it is simply a good day to delve a little deeper into your psyche.

Go ahead and take some personality tests online, like the Color Oracle on Or have some fun taking personality tests on BuzzFeed. Better yet, have a professional astrologer look at your chart. Stop for a moment, though, and consider the deeper implications of the results of your tests or readings. With this conjunction occurring in Scorpio at the same degree where Mercury is entering its pre-retrograde shadow, what you learn tomorrow will not only provide you with some valuable insights, it will come in handy again a week into December when Mercury stations at the same degree. The frame of reference you develop tomorrow will be something you can actually build upon in a few weeks when the Sagittarius new moon simultaneously presents us with some major opportunities.

Big changes are on the horizon, including Jupiter’s ingress into its own ruling sign. Embrace them while you can.

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