Heather Kemesky (source: Vogue)

October 25 is Heather Kemesky’s birthday . . . or at least I hope that it is.

I went looking for confirmation of the model’s date of birth and I couldn’t really find anything. I’ll probably discover that she’s a Pisces or something else sometime in the future and then be forced to write a retraction to this blog post.

Nevertheless, this birthday suits her. Kemesky reminds me a lot of one of my favorite models of all time and a paradigm of signature Scorpio style, Hannelore Knuts. Some people call her an “androgyne,” but that’s not really what I like about the model. She just exudes coolness, like a Scorpio woman should. You don’t look at her and think that she would look prettier with a little lipstick. You look at her and wish that you were that cool.

If her October 25, 1989 birthday is correct, Heather has a lot of Libra and Capricorn influences in her natal chart, like yours truly. Maybe that’s why I see her and immediately feel a kinship. Or maybe it’s that cosmic tattoo in the photo. The funny thing about that is that I felt the same way about Crystal Renn and she turned out to be a self-professed mystic like me. We’re all cut from the same cosmic cloth, so why wouldn’t I feel a kinship with these beautiful people?

Anyway, if anyone ever stumbles across this post and can confirm Kemesky’s birthday, let me know. I’d love to know her time of birth, too.

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