Pluto Poster by Aaron Wood (source: Etsy)

Check out this awesome retro travel poster I found on Etsy while searching for an image to illustrate this post. There are tons of them and I want them all! I can’t even decide which one to get first.

Anyway, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn tomorrow after a five-month retrograde phase that took it back to a position where it forms a near-exact trine with my natal Pluto. The next stop on its journey is going to be a near-conjunction with my IC, just minutes short of my fourth house. After that, I’m going to be subject to both Jupiter and Pluto making a series of conjunctions with my IC as the outer planets crowd Capricorn throughout 2020.

For now, though, I need to concentrate on what Pluto has been trying to tell me over the past few months. This is the sort of aspect that one would call “transformative” simply because that is the most-positive expression of Plutonian energy. But I do I feel as I’ve been transformed?

Yeah, I sort of do feel that way. I’m not taking the march of time as seriously as I should be since both Saturn and Pluto entered Capricorn. However, that’s been a cosmic blessing. I feel as if the lack of stress in my life is starting to make me feel as if I’ve got far more time to succeed than I realize. Sure, I’m getting older, but people in my family live for a long, long time. If things aren’t going my way at the moment, what’s the big deal? I’ve got the rest of my life to turn it around.

Now that’s a legitimate transformation for me. I’ve been worried about not getting ahead for my entire life. Now I feel like I am ahead. I feel fit, healthy and alive — ready to take on the world, but not in any hurry to perform to anyone else’s expectations. I might be broke and underemployed, but the lack of stressors in my life is something that I have created for myself. Without those demons sitting on my shoulders, I really feel like I can accomplish anything.

I believe that I’ve probably posted the following passage before, but it bears repeating. This is the forecast for the Pluto trine Pluto transit from Cafe Astrology:

“This is a period of stability, in which very deep and perseverant energies lend themselves to you. Whether you make use of them or not is completely up to you. However, if you do decide to use them, there will be potential for inner growth. From this position you can gain deep insights into the functioning of your psyche which might have shocked you at other times.

This is a time for simplification and for finding out what is really meaningful to you. It is a period when you are not only able to, but should, make changes. It is a time when you are able to eliminate the old and outworn elements of your life with relative ease because there will be little in the way. It may even seem so easy that you are not aware of its being an issue, but you should not rest on your laurels. Take an inventory of your life, your friendships, your possessions and other attachments and involvements. See which of these support you and at the minimum allow you to grow. These should be preserved. But do not struggle to preserve anything that does not serve you, especially if it seems to want to pass away. This is most important, because whatever you do not eliminate from your life now that does not serve you could become a cause of difficulty during more stressful times that may come along later.”

Now I’m not the only one who will be feeling this way. In fact, a whole generation of people my age will be in this exact position right now, including friends of mine from high school who share this planetary placement. For me, though, with my Capricorn sun and Capricorn IC flanking Pluto’s current position, this episode is being personalized at the moment, and it certainly is going to be extended into the future.

I’m feeling it in ways that I never would have expected, and it feels good. If this is a preview of what’s to come over the next couple of years, I’ll take it.

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