Virgil Abloh (source: Vogue)

September 30 is Virgil Abloh’s birthday.

I like Virgil Abloh. The only problem that I have with him is his proximity to Kanye West. I don’t like Kanye West very much.

Anyway, I looked up Abloh’s chart. I don’t have a time of birth, so I didn’t learn all that much about the man whose Off-White label is one of the most influential brands in fashion at the moment.

The moon moved from Gemini to Cancer just before 8:00 AM in Rockford, Illinois on the day Virgil Abloh was born. Without that piece of the puzzle, and without a rising sign, any portrait I could paint of Abloh would be incomplete. Nevertheless, I suspect that he has a Gemini moon, despite the odds.

The reason that I believe that he has a Gemini moon can be summed up in two words: Kanye West. I don’t believe that Abloh would be as tolerant of Kanye West if he had a Cancer moon. His natal chart doesn’t reveal a character that would suffer fools gladly without his placing his moon in Gemini. I have a Cancer moon and I’m always wondering why someone hasn’t taken Kanye over their lap and given him a good spanking. He’s a child in a man’s body.

Curiously, Abloh was born just three weeks before Kim Kardashian. Perhaps there is something else in the charts of people who are close to Kanye West that I’m missing. I honestly can’t understand why anyone puts up with him, but we couldn’t be more different astrologically. I’m quite tolerant of quirky people, but I draw the line at crazy.

Abloh’s chart looks good. Along with Kim K., these Libra natives born in 1980 have some favorable planetary alignments to look forward to over the next few years. Good for him! He’s got a genuine talent for distilling the current vibes and serving up them up in a way that seems fresh. There have been plenty of American Libra designers who have defined a generation, like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan. Abloh might just be one of those designers.


    • Fixed! I discuss him as designer who fits under the Libra umbrella in my book, but I know he’s a Taurus. I must have been drunk when I posted that.


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