What Lies Beneath (source: Giphy)

The sun moves into my twelfth house in about an hour, followed by Mercury very early tomorrow morning.

My twelfth house is kind of puny. Mercury will only be there until October 2, and the sun will only be there until October 10. I don’t mind that the two planets won’t be staying long because I’m not really that comfortable with twelfth house matters. While I might be the sort of person who keeps things to myself, I’m not exactly an introvert. I just don’t need anyone’s pity.

Yikes! Did I just type that? Oh well, it’s what I meant, so I might as well not hit the backspace button now.

The twelfth house can bring about self-pitying behavior in people. It can make them into covert narcissists: the sort of individuals who only share the bad things in their lives in order to compel others to come to their rescue. Twelfth house personality types sometimes feign weakness in order to capitalize on the strengths of others.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that twelfth house transits brings about. Transits of this sector of one’s horoscope can enhance the imagination and encourage the pursuit of artistic endeavors. They can put us in touch with our subconscious desires, especially while we are dreaming. They can make us seek out an escape from the real world — a figurative vacation — without ever leaving our homes. For that reason, people with a predisposition toward substance abuse need to be careful during twelfth house transits. Someone like me, on the other hand, might actually get drunk enough for someone else to notice that I’m drunk. That doesn’t happen too often.

Anyway, with the superior conjunction of the sun and Mercury occurring tomorrow evening in my twelfth house, I should probably do some soul-searching, or at least drink half-a-bottle of wine before I go to bed. It’s probably a good day for me to pay attention to my dreams, too. The universe may be trying to tell me something while all of this is going on. I’d be a fool not to listen to what it has to say.

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