Arizona Muse (source: Fashionista)

September 18 is Arizona Muse’s birthday.

I don’t have a time of birth for Arizona Muse, but she seems to fit well into my category of Virgo models whose esoteric appeal allows them to thrive for years and years in the fashion business. Many are known by a single name, like Guinevere, Mariacarla, Twiggy and Coco. Claudia Schiffer is a Virgo, too, and so is Carmen Kass.

It’s funny how I start to discuss Virgos and immediately put them into categories — that’s such a Virgo thing to do! As I’ve mentioned a million times before, I have a very Virgo-like personality revealed by my fondness for order and efficiency. If there was one thing in particular about my personality that defines me as unlike a Virgo native, it would be my lack of neuroses. I’m just not the neurotic type.

I’m not sure how Virgo-like Arizona Muse is. She only has the sun in Virgo. What’s interesting to me is how far away both Mercury and Venus are from her natal sun. In fact, all the planets were distributed quite evenly throughout the zodiac on the day she was born. It’s a splash-type chart that indicates varied interests and innate adaptability. I know that Arizona Muse was a mother before she was a model, but I really don’t know anything else about her. She’s only thirty-years-old, though, so she’s got plenty of time to impress us with her versatility.

Like many others who were born in 1988, she’s going to have a sink-or-swim year in 2019 as Jupiter cruises over her natal Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. With her natal moon in Sagittarius, too, I predict big things on the horizon for Arizona Muse.

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