Neptune (source: World Atlas)

With all the planetary action occurring at the moment, I almost forgot that the sun makes its annual opposition to Neptune today.

This isn’t the greatest aspect for those of us who already have a tenuous grasp on reality. I suppose it’s also not great for anyone who has planets around 15° in the mutable signs. I can imagine that someone with that degree highlighted by something like a Gemini sun or a Sagittarius rising might be inclined to do something crazy today. It’s tense.

I have that degree highlighted in my chart by my natal sun, but the transiting sun and Neptune are currently forming a trine and a sextile respectively. If I find myself acting crazy this weekend, it will be the other kind of crazy. There’s a big difference between being whimsical and imaginative, and scaring people with your behavior.

Anyway, avoid anyone whose behavior is scary this weekend. Really — take a step back and don’t do anything to make the situation worse. A reality check is in the stars for most of us while the sun is in Virgo and Mars is making its last stand in Capricorn alongside Saturn and Pluto, but individual alignments may result in paranoia and reactive behavior for those affected negatively by the planetary positions. And you thought that the full moon made people act like lunatics!

Now get out there and have a nice weekend. Ha!

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