Saturn (source: Minute Astrologer)

Saturn stations today at 2°32″ Capricorn. This event marks the end of the first retrograde cycle of the ringed planet since it entered Capricorn late last year.

Interestingly, Saturn will exit its retrograde shadow in mid-December. Venus just entered its retrograde shadow, but because the planet moves so quickly in comparison to Saturn, it will also be exiting its retrograde shadow around the same time. Mid-December may an eventful time for anyone who has these planets personalized in their charts.

Now I’m a Capricorn with a Libra rising, so both Venus and Saturn are personalized in my horoscope. For months now, I’ve been blogging about how content I’ve been lately — despite the fact that I’ve been going nowhere. I feel as if I need the world to work itself out before I make my next move. It’s not exactly a sense powerlessness that I’m feeling, but rather instinctive hesitancy, as if my timing is off. I’m not eager to rush off into the great unknown because I know that my efforts would be thwarted by circumstances beyond my control.

At the same time, this sense of contentedness is doing me some good. I’m writing every day. I’m working out a lot. My house is clean. I’m looking good, and although I still can’t stop eating everything in sight, I’m pretty happy with myself. I just wish that progress would come more quickly to me.

That’s not how Saturn works, though, and the current cosmic climate is making me aware of the slow, steady march of time. I don’t need to rush into anything. I can feel in my bones that this isn’t the right time to force the issue. Saturn is also stuck in the sky opposite my natal moon, endowing me with emotional distance and the ability to divorce myself from things that would otherwise have me behaving in a passionate manner. I can be a bit of a robot in the first place, so this transit isn’t that hard on me. Still, I understand how it is contributing to my somewhat lackadaisical mood.

So, I’m just going to keep putzing along for the moment, waiting for the day that the world is ready for me again. Slowly, but surely, it’s coming . . .

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