September (source: E!)

I like September. I like the weather. I like it when kids go back to school and people get back to a regular routine. I like wearing a jacket when I go out. I like when my favorite reality shows return to TV. I like the Earth, Wind and Fire song that has become the theme song for the month (even if Earth, Wind and Fire never intended for that to happen).

There is an astrological connection to my current state of well-being. The sun and the planets that don’t get too far from the sun are usually transiting parts of my chart that make me feel as if I’m doing better than I’m actually doing. Almost all of Virgo is contained within my eleventh house. I put a good foot forward when I’m experiencing eleventh house transits. I’m not as grouchy as I can be.

That’s just one of the reasons that makes me believe that I’m going to have a good September. The other one has to do with all the planetary action occurring in my own sign. Mars is moving forward again in Capricorn. Both Saturn and Pluto will follow suit soon. The only planet actually slowing down and getting ready to move backward is Venus, the ruler of my ascendant, but it’s going to be stuck in my first house for four months and that’s a wonderful thing.

It’s all making me feel optimistic and good about myself. Looking back on previous posts from this blog and the other blogs I’ve written, that’s par for the course this time of year. Still, I’ll take what I can get. Given the opportunity to have a month where I feel good or a month where I feel bad, of course I’m going to choose the former.

Now let’s see how long I can keep this up!

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