Gareth Pugh (source: Royal Collection Trust)

August 31 is Gareth Pugh’s birthday.

Gareth Pugh has an interesting chart. Just around noon on the day of his birth, the moon moved from Virgo to Libra. He already has both the sun and Mercury in Virgo. He also has Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra. That puts seven-out-of-ten planets in just two signs of his natal chart.

I don’t know enough about the designer to make an educated guess about where his moon resides. I slotted him into the Leo section of “Star Struck Style” because of the costume-like looks he regularly shows on the runway. Just to be clear, I do not use the word “costume” as an insult like so many other fashion critics. I adore people who wear costumes. I wish that I had both the budget and the balls to dress in costumes every day.

A few months ago, I was surprised to learn that Thom Browne is a Libra. I’m sort of surprised to see all these planets lined-up in Libra in Gareth Pugh’s chart, too. These guys are a couple of the greatest showmen working in fashion today. Just this week, Thom Browne made a huge deal with Zegna. I know that Rick Owen’s has been backing Gareth Pugh for quite some time.

Perhaps Gareth Pugh is on the cusp of something great, too, with his lopsided chart and a preponderance of planets in the same signs as Thom Browne. I’d be thrilled to see him finally have the breakout that he deserves. He’s one of those designers with a distinct point of view that I would really like to succeed. Fashion needs its freaks, and Gareth Pugh is about as freaky as it gets.

I guess that we’ll see if something great is in his stars soon. London Fashion Week is just a couple of weeks away.

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