Donald & Eric Trump (source: The Stream)

Yesterday I wrote a post about Sir Isaac Newton and how much we have in common. While he isn’t my birthday twin, he is my astro twin.

I do have several birthday twins, and I’m glad to be associated with most of them. I’m born on the same day as Mr. Bean and Julie Chen! But I was also born on the same day as Eric Trump. Gross.

Speaking of gross, click the link above to read the most barf-worthy interview with Eric and some propaganda-spreading, right-wing lunatic who will be eating every word he wrote now that the investigation into the Trump Organization is gaining traction in New York State. Several months ago, Forbes exposed Eric’s “charitable activities” for what they really are: another con job brought to you by the Trump Crime Syndicate. Don’t believe me? Google it. You’ll have a difficult time trying to pick which exposé to read first.

Anyway, back to astrology. I’m delighted to say that all I share with Eric Trump is a sun sign. Every other planet in our chart is in a different place. Hooray! I couldn’t be less like him!

I don’t actually know his rising sign, but I don’t believe that it’s something that we share, either. A Libra ascendant endows an individual with grace and physical beauty. I once read that you can recognize someone with Libra rising from their smile. Have you seen Eric’s gummy grin? Enough said!

Do you have a birthday twin who makes you want to lie about the day that you were born? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media sites. I’d love to laugh at your misfortune!


  1. Sadly when I looked up who I shared my birthday with on the celebrity side I didn’t know 90% of the names cause they were all kids and those that I did know I was happy to share my birthday with. Princess Diana, Missy Elliott, Dan Akroyd, Debbie Harr, Melissa Peterman and Olivia deHavlland. Guess I have to do some more research.


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