Naomi Campbell (source: Muse Magazine)

May 22 is Naomi Campbell’s birthday.

Of all the supermodels, I probably spend the least amount of time gushing over Naomi Campbell. Is that my Gemini bias showing through? I don’t think so. Tatjana Patitz is my favorite, and she’s a Gemini, too. More about her in a couple of days.

Anyway, I don’t like Naomi Campbell as much as the others because of her conduct. She was sort of a bitch in her heyday. She’s mellowed out a lot later in her life and she doesn’t get into trouble for being rude to people any more, so maybe I need to give her a second chance.

Yesterday, I posted something about a few prominent Gemini politicians that popped into my mind. That post inspired me to disclose my own issues with Gemini natives. Of course, the post was peppered with my usual condescension/humor, but I got a few responses on social media that made me believe that the Geminis who read the post didn’t really read the post. They glossed over the text and reacted based upon a superficial evaluation of my blog. That’s the Gemini thing to do. Why don’t you confirm all my biases by doing exactly what I expect you to do?

But I digress! So, what inspires someone to take a deeper look? Maybe a Sagittarius moon. That’s what Naomi Campbell has. It’s an interesting placement for someone with a Gemini sun. The supermodel possesses a sun/moon combo where nothing is more important to her than personal freedom and the drive for self-discovery. Well into her forties, Naomi Campbell is still discovering who she is. Every day she goes a little deeper. She’s growing into the dichotomy of her sun/moon placement, and I like that about her.

See, not everything I say about Gemini natives is horrible . . .

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