Geminis (source: Vanity Fair)

We all have our biases when it comes to the people we don’t like. I regularly disparage Aries natives because I am put off by their lack of decorum. I have Libra as my rising sign, so it figures that I would prize decorum and loathe ill-mannered individuals who would rather win a fight than strike a compromise.

But what makes me dislike so many Gemini natives? Well, the answer to that is easy: it’s the Gemini natives!

Really, look at what I’m working with: people like Donald Trump and Kanye West. And there are plenty more, including many of the most obnoxious people in politics. Mike Pence is a Gemini. So is Marco Rubio. Newt Gingrich is a Gemini. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a Gemini. Rob Ford, the laughingstock of Canadian conservative politics was a Gemini, too. Elizabeth May, the Canadian Green Party leader is also a Gemini.

I suppose what drives me crazy about the aforementioned assholes is their hypocrisy. Most of them can’t open their mouths without contradicting themselves. I guess that’s par for the course for a sign that is known for its loquaciousness. Aries individuals may always need to have the last word (and that makes my blood boil), but Gemini natives have to have the first word, the last word, and every other word in between. Strung together, those words often have no logical relationship. But just try to tell them to shut up . . .

I shouldn’t be so harsh on them, but they really do drive me crazy. I’ve had a few Gemini friends, but probably less than any other sign in the zodiac. It’s that oil and water scenario where we never really mix. While I admire many of them (I used to worship the ground Joan Rivers walked on, for instance), my eyes glaze over when they start talking politics and contradicting themselves over and over again in the same conversation.

I don’t believe that our brains work the same way. Maybe it’s my Mercury in Sagittarius that makes me feel that way, or maybe I’m just able to concentrate on a single thought for more than a second or two. It’s probably both.

Anyway, I’ll try to be as nice as possible to the Geminis I profile over the next month or so. I’ve already made enough enemies with this post . . .

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