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I start a new job today. It’s just a retail position, but I’m thrilled about it. I probably would have got a job a long time ago but my employment insurance was paying me well enough that I could be picky about the job offer I accepted. Of course, I’d like to be paid more — who wouldn’t? But I don’t want to work somewhere that doesn’t work around all the things that matter to me in my life.

This new job checks off all the boxes. I get to show off my wonderful wardrobe. It’s close to home and easy to get to. My boss is happy to work around my schedule at the gym where I’ve worked for twenty-seven years. Best of all, we’ve known each other for years and we share a similar sense of humor. Even if it’s just something to do at the moment, it’s something I really want to do. I’m not the sort of person who can sit around for long periods of time. Frankly, I’m going nuts without somewhere to go every day.

Of course, I had to ask myself if this is a good day to start a job. It’s Friday the 13th. The moon is in its last quarter (and void of course). Mercury is stationary, ready to go direct on Sunday. The sun is exactly square my midheaven from the seventh house. Honestly, it’s a terrible day to start something new. If I was advising a client about this day, I’d probably tell them to stay home and lock the doors.

I guess it’s lucky for me that all of this was planned out a couple of weeks ago. Today just happens to be my first day at the store itself. What could possibly go wrong?

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