Aries Menswear (source: Mr. Porter)

Check out this ugly shirt I found on Mr. Porter this morning. When I look at it, I want to punch someone in the head. For that reason, it is the perfect image to illustrate this post.

Venus entered Taurus late last night. Venus is far more comfortable in Taurus than it is in Aries. For the next few weeks, expect people to be a little more easygoing in general. Many individuals who have been riled-up by current events will simply step away from the fray. Picture a boxer practicing on a punching bag, blissfully going about his own business, unconcerned that his sparring partners have been led to the ring one by one, never to return.

Sure, it’s a selfish and decadent position, but it often inspires us to engage in conscious self-preservation. This placement can teach us to hang on to what we’ve got.

The full moon in Libra occurred just this morning. Libra is also a decadent sign, sharing it’s ruling planet with Taurus. The full moon opposes the sun in Aries, Mars’ ruling sign. Just like Venus moving from Aries to Taurus, this event signifies a softening of tension by sign, but in this case it indicates an increase in tension by planetary placement. Full moons are tense, and this one is going to make a few people eager to step into the ring while the rest us back off to watch the match from the cheap seats. Libra is normally considered to be the peacemaker of the zodiac, but the moon in Libra is quite unsupported at the moment. Don’t expect the referee to stop the fight. In this case, whoever comes out swinging will probably emerge victorious.

The sun conjoins retrograde Mercury tomorrow in Aries, too — on April Fool’s Day, no less. People are going to be eager to make a fool of their opponents, but they are also going to be likely to pepper their arguments with alternative facts. It really is a day to make a fool of one’s self — if that’s what you want to do. If that prospect does not appeal to you, try to find a seat in the nosebleeds and watch everyone else tear each other to shreds rather than throwing your own hat into the ring.

Finally, Mars meets up with Saturn on Monday. Saturn has been sort of stuck on the same degree for a while as Mars has been creeping up on it. This is the primary source of much of the tension that is going to cause a few of us to behave aggressively over the next few days. Inaction will be met with action. Brute force will take the place of finesse. And yet the victor in this scenario will not emerge as a winner, but rather as a big jerk who threw his weight around. If it was a fair fight, he wouldn’t have made it past the weigh-in.

If you want to avoid being on the ropes this long weekend, take my advice and find a seat in the back row. Don’t engage with bullies or anyone else for that matter. Let Venus in Taurus teach you a lesson in blissful obliviousness. Just keep plugging away at that speed bag, and simply walk away if you find yourself in a situation where someone else has something to prove.

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