Logan Paul (source: Luigi Novi/Wikimedia Commons)

April 1 is Logan Paul’s birthday.

I don’t know much about Logan Paul except that he’s an idiot with poor judgment. For that reason, I wasn’t surprised to discover his zodiac sign. I also wasn’t surprised to discover that the YouTube star’s moon is in Aries, too.

I can be especially hard on Aries natives, especially assholes who never learn from their mistakes. When I Googled Logan Paul, of course another two-day-old controversy appeared in my news feed. The guy just can’t help himself.

However, this is a fashion astrology blog, so I really should roast Logan Paul for his crimes against fashion rather than his juvenile behavior. The guy has the worst fucking haircut I have ever seen. I am as open-minded as people get when it comes to fashion, but no matter how hard I try to understand why anyone would want to look like they’ve put on Donald Trump’s toupee backwards. Or is it sideways?

I can’t figure it out. To be honest, I don’t want to figure it out.

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