Carl Jung (source: Wikipedia)

“Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are ‘meaningful coincidences’ if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.”

I just read that passage on Wikipedia after I stumbled onto Carl Jung’s photo while Googling the word “synchronicity.” The reason I was looking into the word was a weird series of coincidences that occurred yesterday.

It all started when I was goofing around on social media in the morning. I posted something about my recent introduction to probiotics. By the time I was ready to leave to go to a job interview, two of my Facebook friends had “liked” my post. I made a mental note that both of them were Leos, only because it was early and I don’t necessarily think of Leos as early risers.

I then went to my job interview where I met up with my Leo friend — someone I’ve known since my twenties. It all went very well. Then I walked over to a nearby department store where I ran into another Leo friend whom I haven’t seen in ages. We hung out for a while before I went home.

While I was walking home, it dawned on me that my day had been characterized by these interactions with Leo individuals. My thoughts also turned back to 1985 when I went for another job interview in the same mall on my sister’s birthday (which happens to be today). I didn’t only get that job, but I worked there for fifteen years. And guess what sign the woman who hired me was? A Leo! I know, right?

So then I woke up thinking about these weird coincidences. I actually Googled “coincidence” before I looked up “synchronicity.” After I was directed to that page on Wikipedia, I posted this photo of Carl Jung. Out of curiosity, I also looked up Jung’s zodiac sign. Guess who else is a Leo!

So what’s going on? Why are all these Leos in my life all of a sudden?

I have no idea, but I’m very curious to find out what all of this weirdness means.

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