Gigi and Tommy (source: Glamour)

March 24 is Tommy Hilfiger’s birthday.

I included Tommy Hilfiger in the Cancer chapter of “Star Struck Style” because I believe that the designer is at his best when he is evoking All-American nostalgia in both the clothing his eponymous label sells, and in the advertising used to sell those clothes. As far as I’m concerned, nostalgia (without tongue-in-cheek irony) is a Cancer thing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I looked at his natal chart. If the time of birth listed on is correct, Hilfiger has the sun, Mercury and Mars in Aries, the moon in Libra and Capricorn rising. Cancer rules over the cusp of his seventh house.

That’s not a very compelling reason to include Hilfiger alongside nostalgia-loving Cancer designers like Hedi Slimane in my book, yet I won’t admit that I’ve made a mistake. Like me, Hilfiger has an excess of cardinality in his natal chart. There is obvious direction and a sense of purpose in his artistic output.

Yet he is also remarkably preppy. Perhaps I should have included him in the Taurus chapter alongside Ralph Lauren. His Venus is also within half a degree of Gigi Hadid’s Taurus sun. Hadid has been Hilfiger’s muse for the past few seasons. I know, right?

Oh well! I’m not going to say that I was wrong. Many designers that I don’t discuss in my book present a conundrum. Others, like Oscar de la Renta, straddle a couple of signs in the way they present their artistic vision, and I admit that I can’t really define them as accurate representatives of the characteristics of their zodiac signs.

I guess what I’m saying is that fashion astrology isn’t a perfect science. Still, I’m pretty good at this stuff. Now go buy my book and find out for yourself.

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