Diana Ross (source: discogs.com)

March 26 is Diana Ross’ birthday.

Most Aries individuals get exasperated when I tell them that they are bossy. Fortunately, they’re the only ones who seem to disagree with that assessment, so I don’t find myself apologizing for perpetuating the stereotype. They are bossy, even if they can’t see it in themselves.

It’s interesting that Diana Ross called one of her solo albums “The Boss.” The iconic entertainer has become synonymous with the word “diva,” which I also use to describe many Aries natives. But is a boss the same thing as a diva?

In this case, it is. Diana Ross fronted one of the most-legendary groups of all time. Originally called The Primettes (another name that evokes typical Aries bossiness and competitiveness), The Supremes still hold the record for being the most commercially-successful American vocal group of all time. During the height of their popularity, however, their name changed to Diana Ross and the Supremes.

Well, of course it did! I can’t imagine an Aries woman who was the obvious star of the show deferring to anyone else if she didn’t need to share the spotlight. Diana Ross didn’t need to share the spotlight. Everyone knew that she was the star of the show. She was the boss.

That doesn’t mean that an Aries individual is not capable of working with others. Some of the greatest hits ever recorded by Ross and her fellow Aries superstars are duets. Divas like Elton John, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin have all benefited from working in collaboration with others. Still, I can’t imagine any of them truly deferring to their collaborators. Deep down, they know they are the bosses of the zodiac. Some of them just exhibit a little more finesse than others when dealing with their co-stars.

I’ll probably discuss Aries bossiness a lot more during the next few weeks. I can’t help myself. I’m sort of bossy, too, so I find myself butting heads with Aries natives a lot in my real life. It is likely that I’ll soon find myself butting heads with Aries natives who read this blog and promptly respond with posts on my social media accounts that begin with the words “I’M NOT BOSSY!”

I don’t need to look to the stars to see where this is going to go . . .

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