Motaba Monkey (source: I’m So Fascinating)

This isn’t the first time that I’m writing about the movie “Outbreak.” For some reason, it makes me laugh in the same way that “Showgirls” makes me laugh. It’s really one of the most terrible movies ever made.

The monkey that starred in the movie is a capuchin monkey named Katie. Capuchins are actually natives of Central America and South America. I don’t know why the filmmakers decided to use a New World monkey to portray an African monkey from Zaire, but the monkey does deserve credit for putting in such a compelling performance. I had no idea that she wasn’t an African monkey!

Just out of curiosity, I tried to look up the birth information of Katie. Unfortunately, I reached a dead end. Nevertheless, that got me thinking about my cats’ birthdays. My older cat, Bluebell, is probably a Scorpio. My guess is that her birthday is October 24. That’s pretty close to the Libra cusp, but she’s far less wishy-washy than I expect a Libra cat would be.

My newer cat, Peaches, is probably an Aries. When I first met her at the Edmonton Humane Society, I speculated that she was a Taurus because she seemed to be quite docile. I calculated her birthday to be on or around April 20, which was the day that the sun moved from Aries to Taurus last year. Once I got her home, though, it became quite obvious that she is an Aries. She likes to bite me, and she spends far less time sleeping than I would expect a Taurus cat to do.

Knowing what I know about the monkey that starred in “Outbreak,” I would speculate that she is probably a Leo. Dustin Hoffman is a Leo. Kevin Spacey is a Leo, too. Even Richard Preston, Jr., the guy who wrote the book that inspired the film, is a Leo. I suppose that there is something especially Leonine about many of the terrible movies I like. My other favorite film from 1995, the aforementioned “Showgirls,” features a Leo actress in the lead role, too.

But I can’t be sure about her sign, so I’m going to choose today to celebrate the birthday of Katie, the monkey from “Outbreak.” The film premiered on this day in 1995, so this is as good a day as any to recognize the contributions of this talented performer to the art of cinema. Who cares if the sun is in Pisces? Who cares if I could be writing a profile of Sharon Stone instead? Just like the birthdays I chose for my cats, I had to go with something. Everyone deserves their day in the sun, right?

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