Pisces (source: Wikimedia)

I had a weird day yesterday.

A couple of times, I felt compelled to reach out to friends. At one point, I picked up my tablet to make plans with someone, only to realize that she had contacted me on Messenger less than a minute before. Then I sent a text to another friend, only to be told that she was just thinking of me.

Yesterday the sun was opposite my natal Pluto in Virgo and conjunct my natal Chiron in Pisces. I had read about the first aspect on Astrodienst because it was featured as the primary aspect in my customized daily horoscope. That horoscope warned me that people would want something from me, and that I could possibly be the victim of a crime. I took that advice with a grain of salt. However, my supervisor at the gym told me that a participant had made a complaint about me. I honestly laughed off the incident because it was ridiculous — the paranoid rantings of someone with some serious mental problems. My supervisor agreed with me, and when I shared the story later with a “witness,” it was met with laughter and incredulity.

Later at home, I came across something on social media that made me feel a similar way: as if I was allowing someone else’s mental illness to impact the way I felt about myself.

And then there were those other friends. While a couple of lunatics were actively trying to sabotage my day in order to feel better about themselves, a couple of friends had reached out to me, and that made me feel better about myself.

This Pluto/Chiron axis is a weird thing to have in my chart. Plenty of people my age have it. What’s weird is that another friend who has the same aspect in her chart sent me a message to let me know that her phone was stolen yesterday. She was actually the victim of a crime. What followed, however, was an outpouring of support from the people who wanted nothing more from her than to be her friend in this time of distress.

It’s strange that this day of highs and lows would ultimately lead to me to feeling better about myself, not because my friends rallied behind me, but because they made me realize that the people who were attempting to cause me distress were doing so because they’re nuts. I can’t do anything about that, so I can’t let their behavior get to me.

Anyway, I’m glad that this aspect is separating. What follows is a sun/Uranus opposition later this evening: something connected with surprises. I could use a pleasant surprise, although the aspect doesn’t necessarily have a positive or negative correlation. It would be nice, however, for something good to happen to me. In the meantime, I’m going out with one of those friends who reached out to me yesterday. I’m not going to sit around and allow the crazy people to get the best of me. If I don’t want them in my world, I don’t have to let them into my world.

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