Ming Xi (source: Us Magazine)

March 8 is Ming Xi’s birthday.

I like to be around Pisces natives. I can be a little too serious at times, and Pisces individuals can be quite the opposite. I offer them a grounding influence, and they make me laugh because they’re crazy.

I just noticed that Ming Xi is a Pisces. I don’t know much about the model except that she’s very recognizable. So, I Googled her and the first thing that came up was this photo of her falling on the Victoria’s Secret runway. The look on her face says everything you need to know about Ming Xi. There she was on one of the biggest stages in fashion — walking in the first Victoria’s Secret show ever to be held in China — and she laughed-off her fall on the runway.

Ming Xi actually has an interesting chart with the sun, moon and Venus in Pisces and Saturn conjunct Neptune by less than 15″ in Capricorn. The grounding influence that I offer many of my Pisces friends is already built into her chart. She also has a close conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Taurus. I suspect that she is quite down-to-earth. She probably doesn’t need friends like me to keep her from floating off into the abyss, as many Pisces natives are prone to do.

Without a time of birth, it’s difficult to say much more about Ming Xi, but it’s interesting that I already felt an affinity with the model. I can honestly say that I enjoy being in the company of Pisces natives just as much as I like being in the company of most people who possess earthy qualities. To see those influences in her chart is no surprise.

I believe that we get vibes from people. I also believe that we give off vibes. I just look at Ming Xi and something clicks. I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who believe that I’m crazy because of my beliefs, but I know that I’m just one of those people who admits those sort of things without shame.

It makes me sound like I’m the crazy Pisces native, right?

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