The Rape of Europa (source: Wikipedia)

Jupiter turns retrograde in a couple of days. It’s stationary now at about 23° Scorpio. It backs up about ten degrees to 13° Scorpio before it gets moving again in July, and then it exits its retrograde shadow sometimes in October.

That’s a long stretch, but it’s just what Jupiter does. The most important thing to note about a Jupiter retrograde is whether or not it remains in the same house position. For someone like me who uses the Placidus house system, a major planet transit into a new house is a major event. Likewise, a planet backtracking into a house it has formerly occupied is also a major event.

I’m lucky this time because Jupiter gets within 9″ of my second house cusp, but it doesn’t actually make it back into my first house cusp. If you’ve been reading my blog, I wasn’t too thrilled to have Jupiter in my first house because I fattened-up during the transit. Since it left, I’ve been making steady progress toward getting back to my goal weight.

I’ve also been a little less-reckless in general since Jupiter left my first house. I can be ridiculously optimistic. Now that Jupiter has moved into my second house, I haven’t allowed myself to be carried away by my imagination. I’ve been a little more grounded and realistic about my prospects, and a little more aware of my shortcomings.

The interesting thing about Jupiter in Scorpio is that the energy of the planet seems to be transformed into something that works best behind the scenes. It’s covert and much less obvious than it is in most other positions. Jupiter in Scorpio brings to mind the myth of Europa, when Jupiter transformed himself into a beautiful bull in order to steal her away from her homeland.

Jupiter retrograde is going revisit those covert issues. Secrets will be revealed. False identities will be unmasked. Surreptitious motives will be uncovered. It’s a good time to be true to one’s self because that means you’ll have one less person to suspect. Suspicion is going to be in the air this summer. Beware of beautiful bulls and golden calves. Don’t climb onto the back of someone who promises you the moon and the stars because you might get carried away, never to return.

The myth is called “The Rape of Europa” for reason. Europa may have become the Queen of Crete because of Jupiter’s actions, but she was violated nonetheless. Don’t let something like that happen to you. I’m not normally one to preach paranoia, but for the next few months, it might be wise to note that things aren’t always as they seem. There are people out there who are eager to take advantage of you.

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