Life Alert by David LaChapelle (source: scmp.com)

I should pay more attention to photographers. I’ll post a profile of one whose work represents the “aesthetic” of his or her zodiac sign, and then I’ll forget about them altogether until I stumble across the same blog post a year later, when I’m reminded of what I wrote via Facebook Memories.

Oh well! March 11 is David LaChapelle’s birthday. I’m not surprised that he’s a Pisces. In many ways, his work reminds me of Pierre et Gilles, the duo whose work I associate with the mid-to-late eighties and the golden days of Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier is a Taurus, but I’ve always considered him to be the standard-bearer for signature Pisces style. Want to know more? Click the link above and buy my book.

LaChapelle’s best work shares something with Pierre et Gilles. The brilliant colors, the hyper-realistic focus, the staged settings, the references to classic art and mythology — I could go on all day! It’s all self-consciously weird, yet unmistakably the work of someone who is doing exactly what he wants to do.

LaChapelle has both Venus and Saturn in Aquarius, and the sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Pisces. I don’t believe that he is subversive just to be subversive (as I would expect from someone with a profound Aquarius influence in his chart). He’s just an artistic weirdo who revels in the notion that he is satisfying his own creative urges. I imagine that the feedback he receives is far less important to him than it would be if the Aquarius influence prevailed. Nevertheless, he also has Mars in Leo. It makes him a showman. If people weren’t looking at his work, he wouldn’t be creating his work.

I don’t have a birth time for David LaChapelle, so that’s about all I can glean from his chart. I know that he packed up and moved to Hawaii a few years ago. It probably wouldn’t be that difficult for someone to perform a little chart-rectification magic to come up with a speculative rising sign time knowing that he walked away from show business at one point. That’s not my specialty, though, so I’ll just leave it at that.

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