Amilna Estevao (source: W)

February 4 is Amilna Estevao’s birthday.

I came across this information on, so it’s probably wrong. I wasn’t able to confirm the model’s date of birth anywhere else. For that reason, I’m a little reluctant to discuss her chart.

Instead, I’m going to discuss “W” magazine, where I pinched the photo I posted above. The headline for the article reads “Swimsuit Model Amilna Estevao . . .”. I’m not that familiar with her work, but I know that she’s a lot more than just a swimsuit model. I’ve seen her on plenty of runways and I’m sure she’s in a Tom Ford campaign.

How does a headline like that get by an editor? I have similar issues with the horoscopes at “W.” I’m not as big a critic of the Astro Poets work as many of my fellow astrologers, but I do believe that they needed an editor when they wrote this passage in the Capricorn horoscope for February:

This month, however, we urge you to forget these thoughts, at least for a time, because a loud and passionate affair (read: sex) is coming your way toward mid-month and you had better be ready for it. It may not be completely long-lasting, but it will be exciting, dramatic, and warm—all qualities you appreciate when it comes to love. And if you are in a relationship right now, this doesn’t have to mean you are going to cheat on your partner—it may just mean that things will get extra hot and heavy around Valentine’s Day.

You know, I write goofy horoscopes that sometimes stray into tasteless territory, but I don’t ever write lines like “this doesn’t have to mean you are going to cheat on your partner.” If I was the editor of “W,” I would have sent back the passage with a note to the writers asking them if they believed the “W” reader was capable of controlling her sexual impulses. This sentence implies otherwise. It’s tacky and doesn’t belong in a magazine like “W.” I don’t even think it belongs in “Cosmopolitan.”

I used to buy “W” just for the horoscopes back in the day. But like “Harper’s Bazaar,” it’s sadly lacking in editorial oversight at the moment. I could blame the astrologers for the astrology columns, but I learned how to write astrology columns under the watchful eye of a terrific editor at “Harper’s Bazaar.” Then Glenda Bailey arrived and showed us all the door.

I don’t want to come off as jealous or bitter, but I’m too old to care if I do. The job of an editor is to edit. Amilna Estevao isn’t just a swimsuit model and Capricorn women aren’t slaves to their vaginas. Both of these articles needed an editor. “W” needs to try harder.

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