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January 25 is Alicia Keys’ birthday.

Alicia Keys has made some waves in the fashion business for her choice to go makeup-free in public. While that might not seem so radical for a normal person, it is quite a bold choice for a celebrity.

Keys’ natal chart is an interesting one. She has four planets (the moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) in the tenth house and four planets (the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) in the second house. While the tenth-house planets reveal a lot about the performer’s ambition, it is the second-house planets that unmask the aesthetic that Keys has chosen to adopt.

Corresponding to Taurus, the second house is connected to an individual’s sense of worth. Obviously, Keys’ self-worth is less-dependent upon a contrived image than that of most celebrities. Fortunately, she’s pretty with or without makeup. Nevertheless, she does make an important statement in the age of Instagram.

Aquarius natives can be contrary by nature. Keys also has Sagittarius for her rising sign, doubling up her desire to express her individuality. The concentration of planets in her second and tenth houses contributes authenticity to her character, both as a singer/songwriter who doesn’t depend upon the bells and whistles of production to make music, and as a fashion icon who doesn’t depend upon the bells and whistles of fashion to look her best.

It’s a fascinating chart that tells me exactly what it should. For an astrologer like me, it’s nice to deal with a celebrity profile that doesn’t make me feel as if I need to jump through hoops in order to make my point.

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