Home (source: Gawker)

The sun moves into my fourth house today. I’m kind of relieved because I live very far north. The time leading up to this ingress is difficult for me because it’s not only dark all the time, but it’s often very cold. I feel pent up and I can’t stand being housebound.

I suppose that things would be different if I lived in a house like the one in the photo. I don’t mind housework at all, so it probably wouldn’t bother me to have a little more to do. In fact, I think I need to make that my focus for a while. When I’m not trying to get something accomplished here at the computer, I’m going to need to stay busy in my own home. When I woke up today, I was actually thinking about getting rid of a lot of junk that’s been piling up in my basement.

So, if that’s the theme for the next few weeks, I can handle it. I’m sure it will be easier than having the sun in my third house. That just makes me want to get out of the house, but then I get somewhere and I can’t wait to leave. It’s not a good place in my chart. I’ve got a little too much gravity to me. The flighty nature of the third house just seems like the worst place for my Capricorn sun to be.

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