Leila Goldkuhl (source: Next Models Management)

December 30 is Leila Goldkuhl’s birthday.

I had already written a birthday profile for Patti Smith when I stumbled across the news that it’s also Leila Goldkuhl’s birthday.

I adore Leila Goldkuhl. I remember watching her on “America’s Next Top Model” and thinking there had never been a more-modelesque contestant on the show. Then Tyra gave her the boot.

But she came back! Then Tyra gave her the boot again. Like a lot of other fans of the show, I watched in slack-jawed disbelief. How could the judges not see what was right in front of them?

I suppose it all worked out for Leila. She is far and away the most successful contestant in ANTM history: a genuine fashion model who walks in genuine fashion shows and books genuine campaigns.

We Capricorns are known as the “comeback kids” of the zodiac. It not only thrills me to see Leila’s success eclipsing the post-show success of every ANTM contestant in history, but also to know that she’s on my team.

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