Ted Cruz (source: NPR)

December 22 is Ted Cruz’s birthday.

I have more in common with Ted Cruz than I would like to admit. We’re both Alberta-born Capricorns with third-house suns and Libra rising signs. We also share profound conviction in our beliefs that we more or less live try to live up to.

Of course, the two of us represent quite different ideologies. I’m a moderate astrologer/fitness trainer who wins awards for his volunteer work. He’s a conservative Christian lawyer who wouldn’t let the separation of church and state get in the way of him getting his own way.

So why don’t I hate his guts? Because there is something authentic about him. At least I know where he’s coming from, unlike some other American politicians whose questionable morality makes me wonder when they’ll rip off their masks to reveal that demons really do walk amongst us.

There is another reason I sort of like him. He makes me feel good about myself. I’m five years older than Ted Cruz, and I look ten years younger than him. I often point to my Libra rising sign when I attempt to justify my own shallowness. Cruz has the moon in lazy Libra in the first house, as well, and I suppose that has contributed to his inactivity. He has the body of a guy who gets winded while casting a vote in the senate to take away someone’s rights.

He really needs to get to a gym. With Saturn right on top of his natal sun at the moment, and transformative Pluto making positive aspects to his natal Saturn and Venus, there is no time like the present for him to work on improving his physical fitness. There is a rapture coming, and who doesn’t want to look nice when the time to meet Jesus finally arrives?

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