NeNe Leakes (source: Bravo)

December 13 is NeNe Leakes birthday.

NeNe Leakes turns fifty today! That means that we would have been in high school together. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that I feel a kinship with her. I know that some of Bravo’s younger “Housewives” rub me the wrong way. I’ll be the first person to admit that it’s a generational thing.

NeNe and I share five of our ten natal planets in the same signs. It’s not unusual to share a few outer planets with someone of a similar age. However, NeNe is almost two years younger than me. Even though Uranus and Pluto are both still in Virgo in her chart, they are no longer conjunct like they were for the people in my grade at school. Right now, Pluto is making a trine with that generational planetary event. It’s a big deal for many people born in ’65 and ’66, but it’s also a story for another post.

NeNe also shares my Neptune in Scorpio. Her Neptune is late in the sign, though, but Jupiter will make a conjunction with it in 2018. That’s an interesting aspect. It’s happening to me right now and I can say that my enthusiasm for astrology has never been greater. Will NeNe find a more spiritual path in the upcoming year? It wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

The two of us also share Mercury in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius. She’s a Jack-of-all-trades, like me, so I understand the Mercury placement. However, the Mars position is another matter. My natal Mars is conjunct Venus in Aquarius. NeNe’s is square Venus in Scorpio. I’m thrilled to be unattached. NeNe has been paired up with the same man for years now, but she does demonstrate a fair amount of romantic detachment on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Mars in Aquarius is a rather undemonstrative position — at least in public. I get it.

That’s about all I can glean from her chart without an accurate birth time. I do believe that she’s going to have an important year. This Jupiter/Neptune thing has sent me down the wrong path in the past. This time I am far more confident about my direction. I wonder if NeNe Leakes will feel the same?

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